Hold your next big fundraising event online!

Engage the next generation of potential donors with the power of online competition.

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Votdo eliminates the logistics.

There are two sides to pulling off a major event, the marketing and the logistics.

Imagine doing a large scale event without having to deal with caterers, permits, parking, porta potties, egos, weather issues, and the thousands of details that go into pulling it off, freeing up your staff and volunteers to work on the important stuff: Marketing and Marketing.

Half the work AND no cleanup!

How to run a Vote by Donation fundraiser

It's easy! Participants upload a picture or video in support of a theme chosen by your nonprofit and then solicit votes for their entry in the form of donations at the cost of one dollar each with no limit.

Live leaderboards keep it competitive and fun.

The photos become a "Wall of Asks" letting your nonprofit expand its donor bases, tell your story, and increase your fundraising Return On Investment.

Engage donors from anywhere!

Votdo is a secure application that works seamlessly across a wide range of devices and browsers. Using Votdo your nonprofit is ready to engage donors where ever they might be.


Our Fees

We charge 12.5% per transaction with a $295.00 one-time setup fee. The fee is waived for K-12 public schools. Our Summertime Risk-Free Guarantee, if you don't make at least $295.00 with your fundraiser we will give you your setup fee back.

Merchant Fees

Payments are processed directly for your donors. We use Stripe to handle credit card processing. There are no monthly fees, only a 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee. Money is deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe.


Our platform uses bank level security to protect you and your donors. All donations are encrypted over SSL, and because we utilize Stripe we are both PCI compliant.

If you can upload it and vote on it, we can turn it into a fundraiser.

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